Webinars for e-learning

The explosive growth of e-learning is no surprise: you can reach many more people at the same time than a physical training. Plus, you save location costs and (travel) time. This is how you can make webinars for e-learning work for your organisation.
According to estimates by Forbes Magazine, by 2025 e-learning will have an international turnover of no less than $325 billion. That’s a tripling of 2015, when the turnover was $107 billion. In other words, e-learning is a fast-growing, fully-fledged form of education.

Within e-learning , the webinar is a frequently used tool. The course, training or lecture can be viewed by hundreds or even thousands of participants at once, from any location and on any device. Participants can ask questions via chat, which makes it so similar to a physical meeting, while saving a lot of costs and travel time. In addition, the class material can be accessed at any given time with the on demand versions.

But webinars for e-learning have more to offer. These are the tools of the Online Seminar platform that give your webinar extra value and depth:

1. Testing and accreditation

A webinar is very suitable for training and other educational purposes. With our automatic testing and accreditation module, franchisees, professional groups, students or staff can be easily and extensively trained.

No administration and checking!

Our webinar software does the administration and proofreading of the lesson or workshop for you. Nice and easy. When organizing an online lecture, you can set various preconditions that participants have to meet in order to pass.

You can offer a multiple-choice test during or at the end of the e-learning webinar. It is also possible to:

  • Indicate a minimum attendance percentage For example, a participant must view at least 80% of the webinar in order to pass.
  • Get participants to answer poll questions The advantage of this type of interaction is that students better remember the offered material. You can also use polls to test whether a participant is actually watching!
  • Have a survey filled in The completion of a survey may be one of the preconditions.
  • Afterwards you can automatically issue an official certificate. As an organiser, you will automatically be notified when someone has passed. Did a participant fail? Then you can choose to use one or more resits. You can decide for yourself how many resits a participant receives.

The assessment and accreditation module of Online Seminar can be applied in different ways:

  • E-learning total platform. In this case, e-learning is part of a broader Learning Management System. In addition to webinars, the student reads texts, watches videos and attends physical seminars or lectures. Webinars are then part of a larger programme. The great thing about the Online Seminar system is that we can automatically link all results to the Learning Management System. Manual actions are no longer necessary.
  • Full online course package with assessment and accreditation. For example, PE accreditation for lawyers or online learning for healthcare institutions. At the end of the webinar, we link the results to an accrediting party; the points are automatically added.

2. E-learning reporting

The platform registers all answers and after the webinar an e-mail with the results will be send to the participants. You can set up these e-mails yourself; for example, you can invite someone who has not passed to a next webinar or point out additional teaching material.

3. Webinars on demand

You can also make the lecture or training available afterwards, so that participants can consult the course material again. The test moment, poll questions, viewing time, etcetera remain available for these webinars, so that participants do not necessarily have to be present. This is ideal for home study.

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