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Would you like to organise webinars and be fully guided? Then choose our full service package. Online Seminar is the only specialist who can take care of everything regarding your webinar. We leave nothing to chance and will assure you of the best result


A webinar involves much more than just giving a presentation. How do you get people to watch the webinar, where do you record it, how do you interact with the participants? All kinds of things that take a lot of time, especially since it’s often not your ‘daily business’. Let Online Seminar be your professional guide and advise you on important matters such as technology, the presentation and the collection of valuable data.

How does the Online Seminar full service package work?

With a full service package we guide your team step by step to a webinar that creates the best result for your business. We make sure that nothing is left to chance. You will be guided by our experts so that your team can focus on the content. We are the only company within the Netherlands that offers such an extensive full service package. No wonder: we believe that sincere attention produces the best results.

What is included in the full service package?

We pay attention to all details. That’s why you are assigned a personal project manager who is involved with your webinar from start to finish. You can contact him or her in every stage of your project.

At the start of the project, we hold a script meeting. In this meeting, we discuss the webinar. Our experts will advise you on the structure of the webinar and how you can optimally use the webinar functionalities such as the chat function. These functionalities are crucial, because this way you can interact with your audience.

Full service building blocks

These are the building blocks of our full service package:

1. Studio & Technique

To ensure that the webinar looks professional, a studio is important. We have a state-of-the-art studio available in both Amsterdam and Brussels. We can also set-up a studio at your office or at a location of your choice. The studio we provide has the right sound systems, lightning and camera’s to make sure that the webinar will come across professionally to your audience.

Throughout each broadcast, a director and a technical moderator will be present to guide your speakers and moderators. Prior to the live webinar, the speakers have the opportunity to practice the webinar during a dry-run. The sound and camera crew ensure a perfect recording. The team also ensures that the webinar is live streamed and they solve any technical problems with the participants.

Choose the Online Seminar studio or a studio on location. On location, we always create a studio that meets the webinar criteria.

  • Dry run 1.5 hours prior to the webinar.
  • Professional studio facilities.
  • Presentation training for the presenter, focusing on webinars.
  • Technicians are on site – director and technical moderator are present throughout the broadcast.
  • The director ensures a professional recording and live broadcast.

Immediately after the webinar, it can also be viewed interactively via the tool. This means that you still collect valuable data.

You don’t have a good host at your disposal? We have an extensive pool of professional presenters who are trained in giving webinars. Ask us about the possibilities.

2. The presentation

A webinar presentation resembles a physical, offline presentation, but there are two major differences: it’s in front of the camera and there is interaction with people in other locations. This often requires some adjustments to regular presentations. Our team of communication professionals helps you to deliver your message clearly.

Our team also trains your speakers to tell their story well. Our presentation training is a must for speakers who have never given a webinar or have not done so in a long time. It is simply different to tell a story in front of a camera, especially because a webinar involves interaction. Our targeted training ensures that your webinar reaches your viewers and the intended goal is achieved.

  • Advice on the presentation, so that it is suitable for webinars
  • Training for presenters
  • Possibly a professional speaker. We have a pool of professional speakers available.

3. Communication about the webinar

When do you send out the save the date? What is a good time for a reminder? Before and after the webinar it is important to communicate enough with the target group. With our experience in this field, we have developed an extensive step-by-step plan that you can use, including templates for invitations. We can also support you with the strategic message of the webinar. Among other things, we make:

  • A confirmation of registration in the corporate identity of your organisation
  • A reminder of the intended target group by e-mail and/or text message
  • Advice on the use of channels
  • A follow-up e-mail after the webinar. We provide the review one hour after the webinar, filtered by the participants who did or didn’t watch the live webinar.

4. Data collection

Prior to the webinar we discuss how we can strategically use webinar functionalities to generate valuable data. Think of asking a poll-question to get more insight in the interests of the target group. The outcome of the polls question is immediately available and can be shared with all participants. Or a call-to-action, which generates e-mail addresses. In addition, there are surveys, live chat and the popular webinar test.

Immediately afterwards, we will discuss the collected data, so that you have immediate insight into the proceeds of the webinar. After the webinar, we conduct an evaluation in which we discuss the webinar in order to retrieve learnings. These sessions are very valuable for the next webinar, but also for other marketing purposes. This is followed by insights into the target group that other channels often don’t generate.

Your investment

The price structure of a full service webinar is based on three elements:

  • Webinar price, depending on the number of participants in the live broadcast
  • Studio facility: do you broadcast from one of the Online Seminar studios, our mobile studio, or your own studio?
  • Optional: speaker training.
Online Seminar team

Want to know more?

In our team you will find specialists in all areas. Our employees will gladly introduce themselves to you.

Success stories

We are proud of our clients who we have often been working with for a long time. When we ask them why they enjoy working with us, they say three things: your service is outstanding, the platform is state-of-the-art and the data is very rich.
These are their stories.