Webinar features

This is why clients like ING, Nysingh and Pharming choose Online Seminar.

1. Live broadcasts

  • Fully interactive with chat, polls and calls to action
  • Studio graphics and a slide deck to support the message
  • Support for second video and desktop sharing

2. Fully customizable platform

  • Self-determined url and design per concept
  • The content offered is tailored to the target group
  • The content can consist of webinars, videos, advertorials, deep links to background information and call-to-action buttons

3. Comprehensive results

  • An interactive on-demand version is available immediately after the broadcast
  • Automated follow-up emails to differentiated target groups
  • The live and on-demand webinars provide a great deal of insight into viewing behaviour

4. One-time registration

  • Registration for a user profile is based on the email address
  • Geo-restrictions are applicable to the content
  • Viewers can also be imported via external databases / APIs

5. Service for announcements

  • Clickable agenda
  • Customizable and automated confirmation and reminder emails and SMS messages
  • Social media integration with LinkedIn and Facebook

6. Security and data

  • Comprehensive account structure with roles and rights (who can do what?)
  • Encrypted data via SSL
  • Support for various security protocols
  • Protected user data
  • Daily backups