Virtual Events

The coronavirus completely disrupts the events sector. Many major events are cancelled or postponed. How do you make sure you can still reach your audience during this time?

Virtual events for any sector

We are leader in the financial and business services, media, government and healthcare. We know the challenges in your industry and offer solutions that perfectly match them.

Product presentations in Berlin

A large pharmaceutical company wanted to launch a new medicine during a congress. Unfortunately, the event was cancelled and so the company was looking for a good solution. The answer? Digital product presentations.

Virtual events, the new normal

Every event is about sharing valuable information. Whether it concerns an internal reorganisation, a product presentation or the latest developments.

Why an online event?

With the Online Seminar platform you can easily and effectively organize your digital trade exhibition, product presentation, congress or press event. Reach thousands of visitors, anywhere in the world and on any device. Hold interactive panel discussions, broadcast high quality videos and interact live with your audience.

5 advantages

1. Interactive complete solution

From round table discussions to interactive Q&A’s, we arrange it. There is a high level of interaction through the live chat, polls and survey.

2. Speed is the key

Delay is not included in our dictionary.

3. 100% security

We build, test and facilitate our platform completely by ourselves and thus have total control over safety.

4. Data, data, data

Afterwards, we deliver handy reports at user level, so you know exactly what your event has delivered.

5. Not only live, but also on demand

The ‘latecomers’ have also been considered: each session can be viewed on demand.

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