Webinars for corporate communication

Present quarterly figures, launch a new product line, or share an interesting interview with the CEO. Webinars are increasingly becoming the tool of choice: they are interactive, reach a lot of people in different locations and can be watched on demand.

Webinar for internal communication

Reach all employees

Does your organisation have premises at different locations, or in different time zones? A webinar is the ideal medium to get your message across unambiguously. Live and on-demand. With the on demand version, your story is also available to employees who are unable to attend the webinar live. Everyone can watch the recording at any time.

Our brains simply love image

The willingness of employees to receive information via video is many times greater than with written documentation. Research shows that we remember 95% of images and only 10% of written messages. Not surprising, because our brains process images 60,000 times faster than written text.

High engagement

The webinar has the added advantage over a video that it is interactive. We see that the involvement during a webinar is high: viewers follow a webinar on average 47 minutes out of 54. In other words, viewers not only view a very large part of the webinar, they also participate actively.

Train your staff

You can also use a webinar for training and other educational purposes . You can choose what level employees have to meet in order to be accredited. Think of a minimum attendance rate and a multiple-choice exam. With the on demand webinars, the employees have the opportunity to follow the training whenever it suits them. And even then they can be automatically accredited.

Webinar for external communication

Are you presenting annual or quarterly figures? We observe that more and more companies use webinars for this purpose, simply because they can reach stakeholders from all over the world. With a webinar, the CEO no longer has to go to several locations personally. Webinars are also increasingly being used for new products and services, both B2B and B2C.

Data insights

The most important reason to use a webinar is that people are often in different locations and cannot be there live. But don’t forget the additional benefits. Our webinar platform also offers the possibility for interaction. Viewers can ask questions or respond to a survey. All this data is archived. In this way, our platform stores relevant participation data such as chat questions, survey, poll- and test results and click behaviour. With this wealth of information, you know exactly what the target audience needs, so that you can use that knowledge in a subsequent webinar or in further communication.

More than a snapshot

It would be a shame if the message can only be shared during the live broadcast. The on demand version enables you to make the webinar available afterwards as well. In this way, more people become familiar with your message and you build an archive of webinars.

Online Seminar team

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Success stories

We are proud of our clients who we have often been working with for a long time. When we ask them why they enjoy working with us, they say three things: your service is outstanding, the platform is state-of-the-art and the data is very rich.
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