Healthcare and pharma

As a healthcare or pharmaceutical company, you want to connect with health professionals. But how do you engage with a target group that is spread all over the world in a market that is highly regulated and competitive? Webinars offer a solution.

With strong regulation in the medical world, promotion and marketing opportunities are limited. Interactive webinars offer opportunities that other channels do not. Doctors from all over the world can talk live about new developments in their field of expertise. The webinars can be viewed from anywhere and on any device.

We see that businesses in the healthcare industry regularly opt for series of webinars – and not just an occasional broadcast. A smart choice, because it makes the platform an important, permanent source of information for health professionals. This helps to position the organisation as a thought leader within the industry.

Connecting to what doctors want

Webinars also fit in well with the changing needs of doctors. Doctors and other health professionals value scientifically independent information about the latest developments in the profession. Younger doctors in particular have a different way of scheduling their time. They regularly prefer to take in information at a time that suits them. Webinars offer great opportunities in this respect. They are efficient for your organisation. The reach is many times greater, because you are in touch with the whole world at once. But it is also appealing for doctors. They can view the webinar when and where they want it.

The advantage of the Online Seminar platform is that it is also possible to respond afterwards via the on demand version. This way, the doctor can still ask chat questions or answer polls. Of course, this also provides valuable data.

In line with the corporate identity

Our platform can be fully adapted to the corporate identity of your organisation. We adapt the design of our platform to your corporate branding. The platform ensures that the right content is aimed at the right viewers. We take their location into account. We can create user profiles and participation reports. In addition, the webinars can be used to offer CME accreditation.

Full service approach

Our full service approach is highly appreciated in healthcare and pharma. You are assured of a very professional broadcasting. These can take place in our state-of-the-art studio in Amsterdam, but we can also set up a mobile studio on location. Our highly experienced technical team ensures that the sound and image are of the highest quality.

The opportunities of webinars for health care and pharma

1. Medical education

In the final ‘approval’ phase of a medicine or device development, it is valuable to explain to doctors what the possibilities are of the upcoming medicine. The renowned doctors who contribute to medicine development are often the ones who give the webinar. A webinar provides a worldwide reach and is an excellent opportunity to deliver an in-depth understanding of the scientific underpinnings of the medicine.

But education is also interesting from the perspective of medical organisations such as hospitals. This is then aimed more at the general public. UMC Utrecht, for example, launched a webinar series that offers scientifically based information on current themes. In this way, they position themselves as experts in the medical field.

2. Promotional webinars

Do you want to explain the operation of a medicine or device clearly? Webinars are ideal for promotional purposes. Doctors can ask questions in the webinar. This provides a lot of insight into what is going on among them. The webinar is also an excellent way to stay in touch with doctors and others within the target group in between major conferences.

3. Platform during conferences

We see that companies in the biomedical world also play a facilitating role. Especially during conferences and seminars. They offer a webinar platform where the scientific highlights of the event are shared. They also provide a platform for doctors and other experts to shine their light on new data, for example. Because it is a webinar, professionals who are not present at the congress can still receive important information and participate in the discussion.

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