Leads from webinars in education

A renowned publisher

Education is changing rapidly and so are the teaching methods. A leading educational publisher was looking for a way to promote the new methods and modules. Webinars not only deliver them leads, but also very valuable data.

The webinars focus on the (new) teaching methods and test modules. In the webinars, the publisher targets principals and teachers in primary education to promote their products. They often choose a story in which teachers and principals can identify themselves. The goal of the webinars is to generate leads and ultimately sales.

Webinar partner since 2014

Since 2014, Online Seminar has been servicing about 15 webinars a year for this publisher. At the time, the choice for a webinar was easily made, because they provide the target audience much better insight into the educational products than for instance a newsletter. The two parties also offer a number of digital methods, which can be shared in an attractive fashion via desktop sharing.

Customer insights

We take care of the broadcasts from start to finish in our studio. The full-service guidance ensures that the customer can fully focus on the content and the participants. We support them from the sending of the invitation to the analysis of the data generated by the webinar.

This approach is bearing fruit. 76% of the live participants follow the entire webinar, with about 50% interacting during the broadcast. One single webinar even reached a record number of 300 viewers. The input gives the publisher more insight into the target audience. This way they know even better what the wishes and needs of their (potential) customers are. The webinars also lead to concrete leads and greater visibility in the market.

The facts

  • Partner since 2012
  • Recordings in the Online Seminar studio
  • 76% follows the whole webinar
  • 50% responds during a webinar
  • Best webinar attracted 300 viewers
  • Important data from the webinar

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