Webinars for customer insight

According to many businesses, webinars for customer insight are the best way to generate leads. For good reasons: in webinars you can share a lot about your company and at the same time answer questions your customers may have. But above all, the webinars create valuable data.

Webinars are increasingly being used to generate leads and to convert potential customers into paying customers. This makes sense, because webinars have the power to share the personality of a brand. This increases trust and the like factor. Participants can also ask questions directly, so that you can dispel potential concerns or doubts.

Data as a secret weapon

The Online Seminar platform is ideal for customer insight webinars. Our secret? Data . There is no platform that collects data and provides insights in such a detailed way. Moreover, we are the only ones who also collect data in the on demand version. This means that if someone watches the webinar later, they can still answer questions or click on call to action buttons. This way, the webinar lives on after the live broadcast.

Together we ensure that your company gets the most out of the webinar. This means that we do the analysis together. Because we believe in attention. Attention for the message and for the goals of your company. Attention for the webinar.

This is how you generate leads with webinars. Follow these five steps to create a strong lead-generated webinar:

Step 1: a good concept and a well thought-out marketing plan

A webinar is nothing without an audience. That’s why it’s important to first develop a concept that resonates with your target audience and a marketing plan to reach them. The more viewers you attract, the more will eventually become paying customers.

Step 2: a clear presentation

Doing business is about trusting that your company can solve your customer’s problem. A webinar for customer insight offers the opportunity to really showcase the company and its employees, while at the same time reaching hundreds of people. That’s the power of a webinar. Make sure the presentation is professional , well thought-out and at the same time personal and touches the customer’s problem.

Step 3: use the tools of a webinar in a smart way

Did you know that a webinar lasts an average of 55 minutes, and that live viewers watch no less than 47 minutes (86%) of the webinar? In a webinar, you can easily talk to your audience via the chat tool. So ask those interesting questions. This way you increase the engagement. You can also use call-to-action buttons in the webinar. This allows viewers to make an immediate purchase or to request information.

Step 4: analyse the data

The platform collects all the relevant information about the webinar viewers. How long did they watch the webinar? Which topics were of particular interest to them? How did they participate in the broadcast? The answers to these and more questions provide a useful report that you can use in future webinars.

Step 5: the importance of follow-ups

Many people do not immediately make a purchase decision after a webinar. They think about it first, or they want to discuss it. That’s why a good follow-up is essential. For example, you can automatically invite participants to the next webinar. Thanks to contact details, clicks on call-to-action buttons and the chat history, you can create a tailor-made follow-up. In this way, you can also create different target audiences within the target group and make them an offer that suits them at that particular moment.

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