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How do you manage the time of your employees, customers and possibly shareholders in a smart way? Webinars offer a handy solution. For example, for training staff or sharing annual figures and new developments.

Physical meetings are of course very valuable, but they cost a lot of time and money: travel time, the hours that someone is absent from work. Also, a physical meeting always takes place at a fixed time, which is not always convenient for the participants.

Webinars offer a great solution. Customers or employees no longer need to travel, but can attend the webinar from any device. Moreover, they can view the webinar at a time that suits them. But there is another interesting advantage: webinars generate data. The webinar platform collects valuable insights, such as an analysis of answers to polls. A unique feature of our platform is that it also collects these insights when the participant looks on demand (i.e. not live).

These are the opportunities of webinars for business services:

Training staff

Maybe the staff are scattered all over the country, or maybe their schedules are overflowing. For example, lawyers’ agendas. With webinars, you can reach a large group with just one recording. Participants can also look at it when it suits them well, while still having as much room for interaction. In addition, our system can automatically ask poll questions, determine whether someone has passed and send the certificate – even when the webinar is viewed on demand.

All the collected data is stored in a database, so you can see at first glance which employees have or haven’t already completed their test, and what other results there’ve been. You can see this at group level and at individual level. In addition, the system can automatically assign a certificate. This means a much lower margin of error.

The system also provides ‘aftercare’: a thank you e-mail if someone has attended the webinar and a link to view the webinar again.

Share figures and other updates

We know enough CEOs and CFOs who make a road tour when announcing quarterly or annual figures. They visit all major shareholders and investors. This is often a time-consuming affair. That’s why we see more and more customers switching to webinars. Webinars ensure that they reach all stakeholders at once. In fact, they also reach the stakeholders they wouldn’t normally visit.

Customer loyalty

The webinar is also interesting for customer loyalty. Obvion Mortgages, for example, held a webinar about the possibilities of adjusting the mortgage. Customers were able to ask their questions directly to the CEO. Obvion helped clients make decisions about their mortgages. And, not unimportantly, the webinar generates data. Based on the surveys, they gained new insights, such as what customers find complicated about the product. In this way, the bank has valuable insights for their further services, for example on their site, in product information or in subsequent webinars.

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Nowadays there is an overload of data: on social media, in customer databases, in campaigns. We believe that data can only be relevant when you gain insights from them. What do you really know about your customer and how can you help your target audience in the best possible way? We enrich and make smarter. That is what really helps your organisation.

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Technology is supposed to be invisible. It has to facilitate that which you need most: attention from your audience for your message. We make sure of it using a state-of-the-art platform. A platform that you can use without any effort, and most importantly: that is extremely secure. Use technology the way it is intended: contact with your audience.

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