Presentation training for webinars

Presenting a webinar is not that easy when you have never done it before. You are in a studio, with four cameras facing you and you have to consider the interaction with the participants. To make sure that you get it right, we offer you two presentation trainings: the studio training and the speaker training.

Giving a presentation to a group is different than being in front of a camera in a professional studio without an audience. During the webinar there are also interaction possibilities with the participants, such as the chat and polls, which you have to take into account. It requires a different skillset as a host, which makes it very valuable to get yourself trained.

Online Seminar offers two presentation trainings:

Studio training

Have you never given a presentation in a studio, or has it been a long time? Then the studio training is an absolute must-do. In the studio training you will practice your own webinar for 2 hours in our professional studio, under the guidance of a professional trainer. Among other things, you will receive advice about the structure of your webinar and your PowerPoint presentation. You will learn how to deal with the various webinar interaction opportunities and you will receive tips about your presentation skills.

The studio training is an entry level training, with a focus on the broad outlines of the webinar. Do you need more in-depth understanding of the presentation, stage presence, fear of speaking or your storyline? Then we recommend the speaker training.

The studio training is especially suitable for presenters who have never given a webinar or who have not given a webinar for a long time. The training can take place individually or in groups and takes approximately two hours.

  • In the studio of Online Seminar (on location in consultation)
  • Learn from an experienced trainer and professional director
  • Become familiar with the webinar functionalities
  • Get expert advise on your presentation skills
Presenter talks during webinar

Speaker Training

Where are you going to stand in front of the camera? How do you deal with nerves? How do you build your story? How fast or slow do you need to speak? If you want to take your presentation to a higher level, our speaker training is a very valuable addition.

We work exclusively with speaker trainer Geerteke van Lierop. Geerteke is a renowned speaker trainer, author and actress. Geerteke coaches TEDx speakers, directors, managers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, politicians and doctors. Due to Geertekes’ many years of experience as a speaker, she is great at helping you improve your skills.

She gives you the tools to make an impact with your presentation. Together you will work on increasing your presence, communicate more powerfully and become a better speaker. Geerteke also helps you with the structure and form of your story to reach your audience. She focuses on your performance and can help you coping with nerves or speech anxiety. The training is either individually or in a group and takes 4 hrs.

  • Making an impact with your presentation
  • Increase your presence in front of the camera
  • Improve your story
  • Learn to deal with nerves or speaker’s anxiety
  • In the Online Seminar-studio in Amsterdam (or at another location if desired)
Online Seminar team

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