Financial services

Banks and other financial institutions are usually seen as ‘cool and distant’. A webinar changes this perspective: the company’s people are in the picture and participants can ask questions. A great way to increase trust and transparency.

The products and services of financial institutions are often complicated for the outside world. Think of investments or mortgages. Potential customers live with all kinds of questions that take time to answer. When an expert explains how it works in a clear way, this can help customers to make the right choice. A webinar is an ideal tool for this, because it provides live interaction: participants receive immediate answers to their questions.

The opportunities of webinars for financial services

Give the bank a face

A webinar helps to give the financial institution a more personal face. Instead of a distant institution, the company is represented by a person to whom you can directly ask questions. This increases the trust, transparency and level of knowledge of participants. Webinars are therefore a strong marketing tool in a market in which customers have a lot of choice and can easily switch to another party.

More insight into your customer

An additional advantage of a webinar is that it generates data . What choices do people make and what is their personal situation? For example, is someone a pensioner or a starter in the housing market? It is information that you can gather with a poll. You can then send personal offers that match the situation of a customer. For example, a pensioner no longer receives an e-mail about how to arrange his pension. This will only help your client. The webinar thus offers valuable customer insights and profiles.

Or think of investments. This is a typical subject that people are reluctant to open up about. What do they find important with investments, who do they invest with and how much is the invested capital? The poll function creates the opportunity to ask these kind of questions directly. Because of the setting of the webinar, participants often tend to share their preferences in large numbers. What you would never know otherwise, you know now. Our handy tool also ensures that all these insights end up in a clear report.

In addition to valuable customer insights, the webinar offers an expansion of the database. This results in new customers and potentially more profits.

Webinars for intermediaries

For financial institutions it is important to be ‘top of mind’ with intermediaries. They determine which products they bring to the attention of their customers. They often have the choice between, for example, dozens of mortgages. It is impossible for an intermediary to advise all of those to their clients. Experience shows that they only choose products that they themselves know well, appreciate and trust. If they are unsure about a product, they are less likely to advise it.

For the bank, a webinar has the additional advantage that it provides insight into the questions that intermediaries have. For example, by asking polls and opening the chat, our platform automatically generates a useful report with insights. When it’s clear what the intermediary is dealing with, you can apply this information in other marketing or product descriptions. In this way, the webinar functions as a good tool to collect customer insights.


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