Organize a digital party congress

Are you organizing a party congress soon and is your physical event postponed or cancelled? Look no further and choose the Online Seminar voting tool. This tool allows you to reach your party members remotely and ensures a safe voting process!

Why an online party congres?

An online party congress is an event where you can talk to your party members in real-time through chat, polls and surveys. And not only that, your supporters can also vote digitally! This way, in the current times of crisis, you no longer have any trouble delaying the appointment of new political administrators. No doubt you’re wondering how you can digitally communicate with your party members. How do they share their point of view, and is the voting process even safe? These 5 elements give you a clear insight in the workings of our platform.

5 advantages of a digital party conference:

1. Let members give their opinion, ask poll questions!

By using poll questions you can quickly and easily get an idea of what is going on amongst your members. The results will be shown live and directly to both the board and the members.

2. Let members participate digitally

With the chat function you enable party members to ask questions during the congress. Moderators answer the questions and determine which questions are forwarded to the board (or the presenter).

3. How can I be sure that the voting is fair?

Only members of the party can cast a vote, with pre-verified accounts. It isn’t possible to vote again.

4. No delay, no interference, no digital chaos

With over 10 years of experience in streaming online events, we guarantee a flawless congress. For various organizations, including political parties, we have organized many general member meetings.

5. Security is the key word

Online Seminar is ISO 27001 certified and fully GDPR-proof. We guarantee 100% secure data flows before, during and after the online congress.

These are our solutions

Full service, from a to z

Whether it’s about security, technology, data or guidance, we try to deliver our best. We help you organize the best webinars for your target audience with the best results.

About us

Since 2009, attention has been our main focus. Attention to people, data and technology. We believe this enables us to achieve the best results.

A suitable location for every election

We deliver high quality, wherever your online election conference takes place. From professional webinar studios to mobile and virtual studios at home and abroad.

How do we make sure all voting is safe?

1. Only your party members can participate in the online party meeting and cast a vote. Would you like to give your members the opportunity to vote in advance of the congress? That is also possible.

2. Each participant can only vote once. If a party member forgets that his or her vote has already been cast and is re-voted during the livestream, the already registered vote won’t be overwritten.

3. During the broadcast all votes will be added together and shown on the dashboard of our voting tool. This dashboard can be viewed by the presenter of the digital conference. If you want to share the results of the voting with all voters, you can easily share the dashboard with your supporters.

4. If you want to make the online party congress accessible for non-voting voters as well, an extra livestream will be made available. Of course it is not possible to vote in this stream. In addition, weighted voting is also possible.

Leader in safety

These are the 5 reasons why we are proud of our security.

  • All invitations, votes, questions and answers are placed within a secure system. Moreover, the results of a voting round are only visible to you as an organizer.
  • All data is on secure servers.
  • Our platform is regularly tested for security by professional cyber security companies through a pen test.
  • We build, test and facilitate the webinar platform completely by ourselves and have total control in the field of security.
  • Online Seminar can collaborate with any audio and video party.