Investor Relations broadcasts

The economic impact of COVID-19 is large.
Stock markets are coloured in red, companies close their doors and many meetings are postponed. This also has consequences for the general meeting of shareholders. How do you ensure that the AGM can still take place during this time?

Why an ‘online shareholders’ meeting’?

A digital AGM is an interactive remote broadcast that allows you to engage in a real-time dialogue with shareholders through chat, polls and surveys. By organising the meeting virtually, there is no longer any need to postpone the appointment of directors in this time of crisis.

5 benefits of Online Seminar’s live broadcasts

1. Anyone can vote and ask questions

Through live chat and poll questions everyone can participate, even if there are more than 100 shareholders online.

2. Screening for login

Only verified email addresses have access.

3. No second session per account

Your shareholders can participate only on one occasion. Hold your meeting democratically and fairly.

4. No delay

Latency isn’t in our dictionary. Share your story in real time and keep the attention.

5. 100% data encryption

Safety is always the key word.

The success story of Pharming

How does biotech company Pharming use webinars effectively to share figures with stakeholders?

The added value of webinars for finance

Live broadcasts allow you to interact with investors and gain valuable insights about your target audience.

An online shareholder meeting, how do you organize that?

Now that the coronavirus only allows online shareholders meetings, webinars are the perfect medium to organize them. Now, but probably forever!

Leader in security

These are the 5 reasons why we are proud of our security.

  • All invitations, votes, questions and answers are placed within a secure system. In addition, the results of a voting round are only visible to you as an organizer.
  • All data is stored on secure servers in the Netherlands.
  • Our platform is regularly tested by professional cyber security companies via a pen-test.
  • We build, test and facilitate the webinar platform completely by ourselves and thus have total control over its security.
  • Online Seminar can collaborate with any audio and video provider.