How sharing financial knowledge can be fun

BNP Paribas

How do you share knowledge with your community in a fun way? BNP Paribas uses webinars in several interesting ways: with desktop sharing, a trading game and a live streaming webinar during the Dutch stock event.

BNP Paribas wants to position itself as an important partner in the field of equities and investment. Since 2015, they have also chosen to use webinars, with Online Seminar as their exclusive partner. BNP Paribas uses webinars in different ways, which shows how diverse the possibilities of a webinar are.

Investment webinar

Every two weeks investment expert Nico Bakker gives a webinar about investing. He is a well-known specialist and attracts a regular community of investors. During the webinar, Nico Bakker goes through the stock market and discusses the choices he makes. He uses desktop sharing: participants watch what he does on his screen. Each webinar attracts about 400 regular viewers.

Dutch shares event

Once a year in May, BNP Paribas organises the Dutch shares event at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. During the event, six experts discuss the developments in the stock market. It is an event that attracts a lot of people. Still, for those people who stay at home BNP Paribas has asked us to live stream it. Our technical team is present throughout the event and uses webinar tools to involve the online audience.

At the end of the year, BNP Paribas organises the trades game. This game lasts six weeks and participants can invest via the app. A ranking is kept and the person who gets the highest return, wins a prize. During the game period, a webinar is broadcasted each week with an investment expert. He gives tips and tricks, and participants are able to ask questions. The webinars are recorded in our state-of-the-art studio in Amsterdam.

The facts

  • self service and full service
  • annual live event
  • biweekly webinar with desktop sharing
  • end-of-year game that has an app

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