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In 2020, Online Seminar grew explosively: we organized an average of 400 interactive broadcasts per month. In various industries (from media to government), within high-end studios and with state-of-the-art virtual and hybrid events. We also cooperated with special locations, such as the Johan Cruijff Arena and Rotterdam Ahoy. We will continue to innovate in order to provide the best possible facilities for our clients in 2021. Our CEO Marthijn Pieters shares the latest innovations at the start of this new year.

Technical team expansion

Because of the enormous growth, an expansion of our technical team was inevitable. So many dynamic developments require dedicated development attention. Marthijn: ‘We also own the software company 80dB, which used to do assignments for all kinds of parties. This team has now joined Online Seminar and commits 100% of their time to our webinar platform. With this team we can optimize our service and tools even faster.’

Expansion of server park

The server park also needed to be expanded due to the large growth. ‘We were always under the impression that we had enough space on the servers. Until this year. Due to the increasing demand, we have reached the limits of our infrastructure,’ says Marthijn. Tuesdays and Thursdays are particularly busy. There are full-running broadcasts from 7 in the morning to 10 in the evening. We have therefore renewed our server park and increased its size fivefold, so that there is always sufficient capacity.

New moderator tool

Moderators have knowledge of the webinar content and are the ones who answer chat questions during the broadcast. Previously, moderators had to sit behind a PC, but these times demand for more flexibility. ‘We have made the moderator tool even simpler and accessible for all devices. Where you used to have to sit behind a PC, you can now do the same work on an iPad anywhere in the world. So you are completely location-independent.’

Broadcaster tool improved

The broadcast tool is the screen that the presenter sees during the broadcast. In other words, the control panel, with which you interact with your target audience. Marthijn: ‘We have made a big improvement here, so that it is even easier to control. For example, it is easier to answer chat questions and to start poll questions.’