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Using a webinar as a marketing tool: it’s a smart way to introduce your target audience to new products. What makes such a webinar successful? Obvion Mortgages shows you how to handle a webinar in a smart way.

Product information alone is often not enough to convince potential customers. A customer also wants to get to know you as a company, see the people behind the product and thus build up trust. Sharing knowledge without any obligation is a good way to achieve that. After all, this way there’s a chance that potential customers will take action.

Obvion Mortgages used a webinar to inform customers about how they can lower their mortgage interest rates at Obvion. They had hired an external presenter, Donatello Piras. He spoke to the COO, a colleague from the services department and one from the customer contact centre. Opportunities that were discussed were extra redemption or conversion of the type of mortgage.

The various participants varied the webinar. But there was more.

Click here for the webinar “Lowering the mortgage interest?”.

High response

At various times during the presentation, the host asked the participants to ask questions via the chat. More than 30% of the viewers made use of this. One question led to another, so that the moderators quickly had an extensive conversation with participants.

The dynamic webinar was rewarded. More than 80 percent of the participants kept watching the broadcast until the end. No less than 86% of the participants indicated that they would like to follow another webinar in the future.

Learnings of case study

Our technical team ensured a flawless broadcast on the spot. The success of the webinar is partly due to the detailed preparation and the highly professional approach of the webinar team of Obvion Mortgages in collaboration with Online Seminar:

• The team wrote a script in advance
• There was extensive advertising for the webinar, also with ‘offline’ flyers.
• The team searched in time for a host that suited the company and the message they wanted to convey.
• During the live broadcast there was a pleasant change between host and speakers.
• There was a lot of room for answering questions from participants. There was a moderator team available to answer questions.
• There was also a special phone number that participants could call.
• The team sought dialogue with the public. It used the webinar tools optimally, such as the chat, poll questions and a survey.
• The team showed video during the presentation. This resulted in a dynamic presentation