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More and more companies share their quarterly or annual results via digital media. Now that a Dutch emergency law, as a result of the coronavirus, allows online shareholders meetings, webinars are the perfect medium to organize them. Now, but probably forever!

We know many companies that have been on the road for years during and after the publication of the annual and quarterly figures. The CEO and CFO visit the most important shareholders in person. There is also the annual general meeting and the press conference. It is a pleasure to meet each other. It’s good to exchange ideas again. But because of corona that’s not possible for a while.

The question now arises, is such a thing as a virtual shareholder meeting possible? Yes, with our webinar platform you can easily organize an interactive AGM. Here are a few of the advantages:

• Only shareholders will have access to the webinar
• Questions can be asked online
• Voting can be done online (considering the number of voting rights)
• The results can be made available in real time or immediately after the AGM (at shareholder level)
• All stored data is safe and can be deleted at your request at the touch of a button

But webinars have many other advantages and will forever play a useful role in the annual general meeting after the corona crisis.

Save lots of time

Have you ever realized how much travel time it takes to hold a shareholder meeting, or any other stakeholder meeting, at a physical location? Not only for the members of the Supervisory Board, Executive Board, Management Board, but also for shareholders themselves?

With online seminars you save a lot of time. You can broadcast the seminar online from your office or in our studio, so that no one loses any more travel time.

Increase your reach

Unfortunately, AGMs are often only attended by a handful of shareholders. Because of this, the reach is often small, while you want to give all your stakeholders personal attention.

Our online broadcasts are open to all stakeholders, anywhere in the world and on any device. Not only live, but also afterwards, via a convenient on-demand version. This means that the reach is many times greater and with it the involvement in your company.

A wealth of data

Of course, the (half-)annual or quarterly figures do not stand alone. They are based on a story. An online broadcast is the perfect way to immediately give meaning to it, and also in a transparent way. Share the most important events, bottlenecks and challenges, but also point out promising developments for the future.

The big advantage of a webinar is that viewers can react during the broadcast. This provides a wealth of data. All questions and comments that come in the platform directly translates into valuable insights. This gives insight into what exactly is going on among viewers. This important information can also be used to measure voting behavior, sentiment, product development, marketing, etcetera.

Enormous cost savings

Organizing an AGM on location generally costs a lot of money. Not only in terms of the location, the hostesses, the coffee and the slice of cake, but also the entire organization around it. Everything can be done digitally, but a lot still happens on paper in an old-fashioned way. With our platform you invite your stakeholders, so only they can view and vote for the seminar. Very efficient and therefore saving a lot of costs with a much wider reach.
Safety first!

Sharing information is very price-sensitive for stock market listed companies. You want all stakeholders to be provided with the same information at the same time. You also want all data to comply with the AVG, and therefore to be compliant with legislation and regulations.

Our platform enables large groups of stakeholders to be provided with information simultaneously and meets the latest security requirements to prevent information from being misused: Online Seminar is ISO 27001 certified and fully GDPR compliant. In short, 100% secure data streams before, during and after the online broadcast.

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