Webinar pricing

The webinar pricing depends on your company needs, and the options you choose. You can have the OnlineSeminar production team handle the complete production of your webinar. Do you prefer to produce and broadcast your webinar yourself? That, obviously, is possible too!

Full service webinars

With a full service agreement we guide you every step of the way towards a webinar that is prepared in detail. We make sure that nothing is left by chance. The webinar pricing is completely transparent and extensively discussed with you. With every webinar broadcast, our production team offers you technical support before and during the webinar broadcast to offer support whenever you or your participants might need it. Immediately after the webinar is finished, OnlineSeminar discusses the collected data with you, in order for you to validate the results of your own webinar.

In addition, OnlineSeminar assists you with all relevant communication surrounding your webinar. For instance a custom made invitation for the webinar in the look and feel of your own company. Your participants will also receive email, calendar and SMS reminders.


Self service webinars

Are you an experienced webinar host, and would you be more comfortable taking complete charge? That, obviously, is possible too. The webinar pricing will come out lower then. Furthermore, the webinar platform is completely web based, enabling you to prepare, set up, and broadcast your webinars independently. Provided that you wish to operate completely independent from OnlineSeminar, and want to broadcast unlimited, you can choose to acquire a license of the OnlineSeminar platform.