Webinar for corporate communication

Webinar voor bedrijfscommunicatie

A webinar is a powerful platform to interact with your target audience. Present your quarterly results, launch a new product line or educate your employees. Live and interactive, wherever your audience may be.

Webinar for internal communication

High engagement

The willingness of employees to take in information through video is greater than with written documentation. This is reflected in high engagement; on average viewers follow a webinar for 47 out of 55 minutes. 60 percent of the participants answer poll questions and 32 percent interact via the chat*.

Reach all your employees

Do you manage an organisation with different locations, or in multiple time zones? A webinar by OnlineSeminar is the ideal medium for uniform communication. Live and on demand. Using the on demand version your story can be delivered to employees who weren’t able to attend the live broadcast. Anyone can watch this recording, whenever they please.

Educate your employees

You can also use a webinar for training purposes. In this case you set up the necessary test requirements. For example, implement a minimum attendance percentage and a multiple choice exam. The on demand versions are a perfect medium to let the employee follow the course at a later stage.

Webinar for external communication

One of the webinar applications is external communication. You can directly inform your audience on new products, developments or services, both B2B and B2C. No longer is it a case of one-way communication; it is all about the interaction.

Data insights

The OnlineSeminar platform saves relevant participant data like chat questions, questionnaires, poll and test results, as well as click behaviour. With all this information at hand you have a precise sense of the needs of your audience, so you can target them accordingly.

More than a moment in time

It would be a shame if you could only share your message during the live broadcast. The on demand version provides a recording of the webinar. In this way more people familiarize with your story, and you also build up a clear archive.

*Average OnlineSeminar-statistics in 2018.