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The impact of the coronavirus is increasing by the day. The stock markets are in decline, employees are staying at home and companies are closing their doors out of precaution. More and more (international) events are being cancelled as well. So how do you make sure you still reach your target audience?

A safe alternative

In these uncertain times, a webinar is a safe alternative to a physical event. Participants can follow your live broadcast anywhere in the world, without the risk of contamination. It’s an effective and efficient way to safely spread your message – and not the virus!

Continue to reach your audience

Today, over 90,000 people in 76 countries are confirmed infected with the coronavirus. Although the symptoms are generally mild, much is still unclear about the development of the virus. As an event organiser, it is therefore difficult to predict how your visitor numbers will be affected in the coming period. There is a chance that you will be confronted with no-shows, cancellations or a postponement of the event. The webinar is a perfect way to maintain engagement and momentum: share your message and reach your target group no matter what.