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Essential to create a successful webinar

Randomly launching a webinar is the last thing you want to do. In fact, it’s the best way to miss out on an opportunity to reach the participants who really get value out of the webinar. Determining your exact target group with laser-precision is crucial to be successful. This is how you do it.

Fundamental for a successful webinar is the right objective. What is it that you want to achieve? Should the webinar lead to more visibility among existing members or customers? Or should it attract new customers? Or is the purpose of the webinar purely educational, for a fixed group of subscribers?

Do you want to reach new customers?

If this your goal, it is extremely important to find customers outside of your database. We have experienced in the past that a company recruited participants by using a newsletter, which was only send to existing customers. At one point, the company was disappointed that 90% of the participants of the webinar were existing customers…

If the goal of the webinar is to attract new customers, then you actually want as few existing customers in the webinar as possible. That means that you have to fish outside the familiar pond to find that new target group. Think for example of advertisements via Google, Facebook or LinkedIn, active promotion on various social media, display bannering, or attracting participants via a collaboration partner.

In any case, decide very clearly what kind of group you want to appeal to. Look at seniority, function, type and size of the company. This helps to determine the message very precisely and to make sure that it reaches the target group.

Does your target group consist of existing customers?

Keep in mind that there can also be varieties within your existing customer group. Imagine, for example, holding a webinar for investors. There is a big difference in knowledge between someone who has been investing intensively for years and someone who is just starting out. So, make it very clear in your announcement for whom a webinar is intended.

Less is more: focus on the RIGHT participant

We often see that it is set as a goal to reach as many participants as possible. That is not the strategy we recommend: always focus on reaching as many RIGHT participants as possible. Take investors as an example: someone who is interested in trading futures themselves and then ends up in a webinar about investment funds will be disappointed. And disappointed participants are the last thing you want. You’d much rather connect participants who are genuinely interested in the topic since it will improve the result of the webinar: the more interested participants, the higher the conversion rate will be.


● Do you want to attract new customers? Broaden your horizon (advertise or work with partners)
● Consider differences within your target group and make the webinar as specific as possible.
● Choose quality over quantity
● Write messages that align perfectly with the interests of your target group