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Chat is an incredibly valuable way for participants to react during a webinar. It is direct and easy. To get even more out of the chat, we have developed two new forms: the group chat and the chat during a on demand webinar.

This is how a live webinar currently works

In the current webinar, participants can ask questions that end up with the client. The questions are not visible, but are answered behind the scenes. Technical questions are handled by our moderators; substantive questions by experts of our client. When a question is in line with the content of the webinar, the organization passes it on to the presenter. In this way, questions also add value to the webinar itself.

This is the regular option. At our client’s request we now add two more chat functions to our features. Note: you can enable these features, but you don’t have to.

1. The group chat

The group chat is actually like a forum during the webinar. Everything that participants share is directly visible to everyone during the webinar. This feature is especially interesting for internal webinars. In the group chat, participants can exchange ideas and share knowledge, so you can really help each other out. Suppose you organize an internal webinar for consultants about new legislation. Then it can be very interesting when they share their knowledge with each other. Everyone who attends the webinar learns from those conversations.

This feature is less suitable for your organisation when it comes to an external webinar. You have less control over what people wish to share, which can obscure your message. Moreover, if there are a lot of viewers, more comments will come in. Finally, an active group chat can be a distraction for the participants or presenter. The group chat is especially interesting when sharing knowledge is paramount.

2. Chat during the on demand-webinar – unique in the industry

During an on demand webinar – a webinar that is not live – all kinds of functions are still available. Think of poll questions or surveys. Until recently, the chat was disabled during the on demand version. But with this new feature participants can still ask their questions. Immediately, during the broadcast. So the chat is active, only the question is sent to the client via an email message.

However, it is key that the questions are answered within a maximum of 24 hours. It is also important that employees are available to answer the questions. Otherwise your viewers will be disappointed. But if there are employees, you will offer participants a near-live experience.

The on demand chat is unique in the market. We are proud to add this feature to our platform.