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More and more companies see that webinars appeal to their target audience. That’s why they are broadcasting more and more often. At what point is it interesting to choose a webinar license?

What does a webinar license mean?

With a webinar license you buy the right to broadcast unlimited webinars. This is for a fixed amount per month. You can then use the webinar platform at any time.

If you are a company just starting out with webinars, you might want to try this out first. Only when you see that it works, do you want to make longer commitments. That’s why you can choose from different packages:

1. Per webinar
2. A webinar pass (certain number of webinars in a certain period of time)
3. Unlimited broadcasting with the webinar license

The license means that you organize the broadcast entirely by yourself. So it is a self-service approach. However, you will receive training in which you will be fully prepared to work with the platform. And of course there is a helpdesk at your disposal.

When is a webinar license interesting?

A webinar license is interesting when you broadcast webinars on a regular basis. This means fifteen or more webinars per year. For example for e-learning or news flashes. But regular broadcasting is not enough. This is what you need to have in order to be able to broadcast a webinar yourself:

1. Your organisation has a suitable studio at its disposal. The most important condition is that the room is soundproof and that the internet connection is strong enough. Our team of technical experts can set up a studio on location so that it meets the requirements. But of course you can also use one of our professional studios.

2. You have a technical team. Preferably a director, a cameraman / – or woman and sound people. When you use the Online Seminar studios, you will receive technical support on site.

3. The presenters are experienced in giving webinars. We provide special presenter trainings for this purpose.

Are you holding the webinar for the first time, or don’t you have the technical resources? Then we recommend the full service approach.

Additional advantage: data, data and even more data

Just like a full service approach, the webinar license approach generates data that will help you move forward. With a webinar license, your organization gets a comprehensive admin tool with which your team can analyze the data. The data will give you valuable insights into your target audience and their appreciation of the webinar.