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There are always participants who are unable to attend a webinar. That’s enough reason to offer an on-demand edition of the webinar. But did you know that the on-demand edition also allows you to collect data, regardless of when people watch it?

On-demand webinar: the live experience

Live. That’s a key word for webinars. A webinar is a live online broadcast of a presentation, course or workshop for your target group. You invite contacts, students, customers or members of the organisation to watch your online presentation. Participants use a laptop, computer, tablet or mobile phone and can participate in the presentation by responding to questions and/or propositions.

But what if a participant registers and cannot watch the live broadcast? And what if the webinar is so interesting that you or your viewers want to spread it even further?

The on-demand edition as a solution

Then it’s wise to offer an on-demand edition after the live webinar. The recording of the live broadcast can be watched when it suits the participant. The advantage of the on-demand version is that there is still a lot of interaction possible. Participants can still answer the poll questions that the presenter has asked live. They can also fill in the survey and a knowledge test and click on the Call-to-Action buttons. And last but not least, they can still use the chat functionality – the messages will be automatically forwarded to your mailbox.

Live or not live: little difference

Because viewers can still take many actions, the on-demand version of the presentation remains very valuable. Data is still being collected and participants are still being trained or informed. They can even join a test. In this way, the only real difference between live and non-live is that viewers do not get immediate answers to their questions. But otherwise, the on-demand version is very close to experiencing a live webinar.