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Online Seminar has built a studio in The Hague in cooperation with the Verbond van Verzekeraars. Currently the studio is in permanent use by the organization itself, but partners are also given the opportunity to record webinars.

The Verbond van Verzekeraars is the trade organization of the insurance sector (95 percent of which are members). Especially in the past year, this organization focused on the online sharing of knowledge through education, training and events with its supporters. It did so through a platform strategy of which the webinars are an essential part.

Massive growth in need for knowledge and training

Lieke Hoomans, Insurance Academy manager, explains that the expansion of the offering of webinars, livestreams and online lectures contributes to the ambition to share a lot of knowledge. Hoomans notices that this approach works and that the affiliated companies have a need for knowledge and training. “In the period from 2015 to 2019, an average of 3700 participants registered for our webinars. In 2020, there were almost 9000, and in the first five months of 2021, the counter is already at 7000. Digital collaboration and knowledge sharing are indispensable in the sector even after corona.”

More attractive and impactful knowledge sharing

Hoomans explains why a complete in-house studio was chosen. “Due to corona, we were forced to offer our knowledge sessions online last year and as a result the number of activities has increased significantly. A qualitative, modern and reliable setting is of course important. We want to be prepared with this webinar studio, because this development is permanent. We can now deliver high-quality productions at any time.”

On Monday the 14th of June, Geeke Feiter, Director of Claims, kicked off the new studio with the opening of the ‘Week of Safe Entrepreneurship’. “It’s very special to put on a production in such a beautiful studio together with inspiring guests. It really is the next level in our productions.” Feiter explains why having such an in-house studio raises the level of the productions. “For example, you can immediately adjust the lighting and sound, have guests join you and thus provide a real ‘talk show’ experience. This makes transferring knowledge even more attractive and effective.”

The added value of the webinar platform

The quality is also embodied in the preliminary process; Online Seminar’s webinar platform ensures that the registrations arrive directly in your email and the sending of the links to the event is also automated. “The webinar environment is also beautifully designed and completely fits our corporate identity,” Feiter says. “It is also nice that you have interaction with the viewers via polls and chats which allows you to respond to the viewers together with the guests, both during and after a broadcast.” Hoomans explains that Online Seminar was chosen as a partner with full conviction. “We have been working with them for years in the Online Seminar studio in Amsterdam and we were looking for someone that we already knew.”

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