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Online Seminar is always at the forefront of innovation. These are our most recent innovations, which take your webinar to the next level.

1. Faster and better editing

How can you get (even) more out of your webinars? Our new editing software gives you complete freedom to share the highlights of your webinar. This new webinar editor enables you to easily edit previously recorded webinars. That way, you can cut out clips. These mini webinars can then be used effectively in marketing campaigns, for example on social media. You can also easily share them within your organisation.

2. A familiar environment for your visitors

The security of online personal data is a concern we share with our clients. We have therefore worked hard to ensure that all webinars can now be broadcasted in a protected manner on a subdomain of your own website. Moreover, results show that a trusted url contributes to better branding and a smooth user experience. After all, after the webinar, the viewer continues to navigate within the same website environment.

3. Knowledge for a specific target group

Webinars are a valued means of sharing knowledge. You can further develop your authority in a domain by bringing together relevant information for a specific group of users in a portal dedicated to your topic. The advantage of such a portal is that it is easier for the target group to find relevant information. In 2019, in collaboration with our pharmaceutical partners, we delivered a number of interactive portals. In 2020 we will develop more of these portals.

4. Simplification for the user

We are proud of the many features offered by the Online Seminar platform, but also understand that this has sometimes made our Admin tool complex. That’s why we have made the Admin tool simpler. Booking a webinar will be just as easy as booking a plane ticket. Moreover, we make all webinar statistics available even faster, so that you can convert qualitative leads as quickly as possible.

5. Secure embeddable webinar player

More and more often we received the request to embed the webinar player within other channels as well. Our new webinar player makes it possible, of course, without compromising on security and functionality. From now on you can safely integrate all your webinars on your own websites, portals or partner sites, with the same high-quality experience as before.