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At Online Seminar we are constantly innovating so that we can create the best possible experience for our clients. These are our four most important innovations for 2020.

1. Even more focus on data

We have always had a strong focus on data. We see it as one of the most important pillars of a good webinar. However, a webinar creates a lot of data. That is why we will select the data for our clients in an even sharper and more personalized way and link this selection directly to, for example, Salesforce. Let’s say a bank gives a webinar about a new form of investment. We can extract the potential leads from the webinar and prepare them for the bank’s sales team. That team can start calling the next day. Of course, we respect privacy legislation and are fully GDPR-compliant.

2. Inhouse development through intensified cooperation 80dB

We see that more and more customers prefer digital meetings to physical ones. In order to properly facilitate these transitions, we have intensified the cooperation with our technical partner 80dB. For example, we help our client Wolters Opleidingen in Belgium. The entire range of courses is digitized and automated, where we follow participants in real time and link the results to certification. 80dB builds this complete technical integration.

Another example is our project for KPMG. They position themselves as a knowledge partner for the financial world. To this end, they have launched a campaign on LinkedIn around webinars. Together with 80dB, we have created a fully automated tracking path – from the first click on a LinkedIn banner to participation in a webinar. This gives KPMG access to valuable leads.

3. Progress portal: insight into what we are working on

We like working without surprises. With hundreds of webinars a year, overview is very important, both for us and the customer. This way, the best results are achieved. That is why we have developed a portal that shows the exact progress of the webinar projects. You can see the status, which employee is working on it, everything about the content of your webinar and the expected delivery date.

4. Worldwide webinar network

More often we have been working for global parties, such as Johnson & Johnson, which has offices around the world. A global, complex infrastructure poses a number of challenges, for example when people are watching a live broadcast from São Paolo in Tokyo. To ensure a seamless experience, we set up servers in strategic locations around the world. We also further refine our service format so that different teams can provide optimal service during (medical) congresses. In this way, we are creating a webinar network that covers the entire globe combining our technology ánd service.