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How can you use webinars to bind long-term customers to your organization? Our business unit manager Sjors van den Camp gives three reasons why webinars are indispensable within the media mix.

Building a long-term, valuable relationship with customers is also called retention marketing. This makes it easier to upsell and cross-sell at regular intervals. For example, a company like concert organization Mojo does that well, says Sjors: ‘Every week they publish a newsletter. In this newsletter you can see videos of bands and festivals and of course you can buy tickets. “Do you like this band? Then be sure to take a look at this one.” This way they always know how to keep the attention of their target audience. They create visibility and trust.’

There are three reasons why webinars are an essential element in the marketing or sales mix.

1. Increasing trust

‘The big advantage of webinars is of course that you can be in direct contact with your target audience. Real-time interaction. For example, take BNP Paribas. Every two weeks, investment expert Nico Bakker gives a webinar on investing. He is a well-known specialist and attracts a regular community with an average of 400 viewers. The regular webinars have the effect of familiarity and trust. This increases confidence in the bank and its products. Very smart.’

2. Valuable data

‘Webinars are an accessible way to gather information from your target audience. For example, with poll questions during the broadcast. If you regularly organize webinars over a longer period of time, you will build up an interesting database with extensive customer profiles. Very valuable. For example, our customer ING has built up 10,000 customer profiles. So they knew exactly who was interested in asset management and who was interested in mortgages. They were also able to estimate where they were in the “customer journey”, so whether it was a good time to make them an offer. Webinars help so much to create much more specific marketing. But you can also build interesting target audience profiles via e-learning or internal communication. What do participants encounter the most? Which topic do they find difficult or important? Precisely by offering webinars over a longer period of time, you get a much deeper insight into your target audience.’

3. Continue to use webinars

‘An interesting case is UWV. Every week, the organization gives almost the same four webinars for jobseekers. For example, about applying for a job, or about the best practices of LinkedIn. Every week different jobseekers are watching. Each time they get more and more valuable data from them and each time they know how to help a new target audience.

But you can also use existing webinars in other marketing channels, for example on social media or your website. In this way, your webinars will continue to provide new value in a different context. An on-demand webinar is a perfect example of ‘the power of repetition.’

Organize long term webinars

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