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Imagine yourself as if at a real conference – that is the future of virtual events. To achieve this goal, we started a partnership with Verus EventMagix, a virtual event software provider. ‘Verus shows what the next level of virtual events looks like,’ says Sjors van den Camp, business unit manager at Online Seminar.

The impact of the pandemic: from physical to online

Immediately after the outbreak of the pandemic, congress organizations had to quickly switch from physical to virtual congresses. In the meantime, this virtual solution has proven to be a surprising and often complete alternative. Sjors expects virtual congresses to remain the norm in 2021 at least. ‘After that, conferences will take on a more hybrid character. Participants will then be able to attend both physically and online.’ Whatever the form, all these developments will create an even greater need for a realistic virtual experience. ‘A virtual congress can also be a total package party.’

The virtual platform: interactive and diverse

Responding to this development, Verus EventMagix has developed a modular platform on which the experience of a physical conference is fully realized: from registration to the check-out moment.

The realistic platform resembles a 3D impression of an architect through which you can walk in complete freedom. After registration you’ll enter a convenient lobby from which you can virtually move through the conference venue. For example, there is a room for plenary sessions with a stage on which a screen with all the speakers is projected. There are also halls for interactive breakout sessions. Sjors explains: ‘In these halls the platform of Online Seminar is used to interact with the audience in every way possible. For example, on the screen you’ll see experts talking to each other. The participants can respond live via chat, answer poll questions or click on a call-to-action.’

Virtual exhibition area

Furthermore, there is an area with various exhibition stands. You can then interact directly with the representative of the respective company or watch high-profile demos. There is also a library where participants can download useful articles, whitepapers or videos, among other things.

Next-level events

‘We see that this is really the next level of virtual events,’ Sjors says. It looks very realistic. What’s more, a virtual event saves a lot of money, is very environment friendly, creates a large reach, and remains available after the event. Participants can watch the sessions at a time that suits them. These are, of course, enormous advantages over physical events.’

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