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Last week, a major pharmaceutical company wanted to launch a new medicine. Berlin was the stage for this multi-day launch, speakers from different countries would fly over and the audiovisual production was taken care of down to the last detail. Everything was ready, until the coronavirus struck unexpectedly: the congress was cancelled. Our client wanted to seize the momentum anyway, so together we looked for a suitable solution. The answer? Digital product presentations.

Completely virtual meetings

In a hotel in Berlin we transformed a large stage into a virtual meeting room. Presentations for an empty room, but with an international audience at home. In two days time we provided six broadcasts in which several presenters took part digitally. Via an app viewers were able to ask chat and poll questions. This resulted in plenty of interactivity and engagement and an enthusiastic audience. Moreover, viewers shared selfies out of their location in the app and the speakers received good feedback. At its peak, 163 people from 62different countries participated. Even more, our client still received relevant statistics about the viewers, from their location and job profile to specific product preferences.

Why digital product presentations?

The coronavirus quickly leaves deep traces. Events are cancelled and employees stay at home. At the same time, companies are still looking for ways to show their business critical products to a large audience. A digital product presentation offers this reach and delivers remote interactivity.