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More and more companies are creating their own permanent webinar studio. What are the advantages? And when will it become interesting for your company? This is what you need to know about the permanent studio.

Our world is increasingly digitized, partly due to the corona crisis. The last one in particular has accelerated online communication between companies and their target audience like never before. After all, people are at home most of the time.

At the same time, organizations want increasing autonomy: they want to decide for themselves how often and when they can broadcast. The result? More and more companies, including NCOI Belgium, Rabobank, Aegon and UWV, are choosing to create a permanent studio at the office.

Create flexibility

These companies make clever use of the space. But not only that: they create flexibility for themselves. ‘A permanent studio is always at your disposal’, says Cindy Ottenhoff, business development manager at Online Seminar. ‘We build mobile studios at multiple locations on a weekly basis. They stay there for one or two days before an event and then we take them down again. You don’t have to book a permanent studio; you can broadcast or record a webinar at any time’.

Studio from a to z

In recent years we have built permanent studios for several clients. In the past year, this demand has strongly increased, and we expect it to increase only more. That’s why we offer this service, where we also supply all hardware, such as microphones, lighting and cameras. ‘Actually, anything is possible to realize the desired digital forms. We can also facilitate the decorum. In addition, the software comes with the package, that is, the license for our webinar platform,’ says Cindy. ‘We then train people within your organization to manage the studio themselves. In this way, organizations can really get to work themselves and we’re always there for support and maintenance. If you don’t have the technical support in-house, we can provide it for every webinar.’

ROI of the permanent studio

And when will the permanent studio be financially interesting? Hard to say. Cindy: ‘Some companies already see the results of their investment with ten webinars a year. In general, we see that organizations start using the studio much more often once they have it. I know some companies that give webinars three times a day. Or they use the studio for video, social media photos and podcasts. In this way, the studio definitely offers an opportunity to deal with digitization in an even more professional and profound way.’