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Want to organize a webinar yourself? With these 5 simple but effective tips you can turn your self service webinar into a success story every time.

1. Start with a good concept

The secret of a good idea is that it is simple and interesting for your target group. So know what’s going on among your target group and, if necessary, do field research. For example for a financial institution: “The future of bitcoin: crash or hosanna?” When you have a concept, it is useful to test it with several colleagues and ask them for input.

2. Make sure your technical equipment works

Nothing is more frustrating than when the technical equipment fails while broadcasting the webinar. Don’t face any surprises and make sure you have: a suitable studio and a technical team at your disposal, as well as skilled presenters. For this we provide a special speaker training.

3. Well begun is half done

Never start a webinar unprepared. Think of it as a television broadcast: it has been prepared with great care and attention. Start inviting interesting speakers or experts on time. Also have a professional presenter and moderator(s) join in. They will be able to manage the broadcast.

4. Reach your target group

You want to convince as many people within your target group as possible to watch the webinar. Make sure that the webinar is brought to their attention on time, regularly and through the right channels.

5. Connect, also after the broadcast

It’s a real waste to leave it at just the webinar. Collect email addresses and ask the target group in which topics they are even more interested. If necessary, start a webpage on the subject in question, so that visitors can also find more information after the broadcast. This way you can deepen the subject further and involve your viewers for longer.