Webinars as a training tool for a busy target market


Knowledge transfer is one of the pillars for the law and notary firm Nysingh: the firm puts a lot of effort into training and education. For their busy target audience, webinars are perfect to draw attention to the Nysingh Academy’s offerings.

The Nysingh specialists provide online seminars, meetings, (in-house) training courses and open enrolment courses for lawyers and civil-law notaries. Participants in the meetings and training courses receive training points if desired.

Since 2011, Online Seminar has been the exclusive partner of Nysingh to provide the webinars. Nysingh uses the webinars for marketing purposes: during the webinars they share their expertise with customers and leads. We’ve provided an in-house Nysingh studio where they record all webinars. The training institute also has a self-service license for the platform, allowing Nysingh to broadcast whenever they want.


The webinar means a lot more efficiency for Nysingh: where they used to go to many events, they can now approach potential participants of the Nysingh Academy via webinars. Fast, scalable and therefore efficient. The great advantage of our system is that it generates a lot of data, which enables Nysingh to accurately identify potential leads.


We are always looking for ways to improve the quality even further. One of the keys in making the webinars even more impactful was to offer the broadcasts on demand. We are the only webinar platform that can do this, for example, by using chat questions in the on demand version.

Online Seminar has trained the Nysingh team from A to Z so that they can carry out all the webinars themselves. The support team of secretaries has been trained in how to enter all webinar data, such as uploading the presentations, sending the review links and formatting the invitation e-mail. In addition, we have trained the team of guest lecturers in how they can improve their presentation. For example, in how they can create more interaction and how they can look good on screen. In this way, Nysingh can carry out the broadcasts itself at a high level.

The facts

  • Partner since 2011
  • In-house studio
  • Self-service license of the platform
  • Training for speakers and staff behind the scenes
  • 3848 unique visitors to the webinars
  • Doubling the number of viewers by on demand

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