Why NautaDutilh chose webinars during the corona crisis


During the coronavirus crisis, many companies had to change the way they communicate with their customers. For law firm NautaDutilh, webinars have proven to be a good way of doing this.

With 400 lawyers, tax advisers and civil-law notaries NautaDutilh is one of the largest law firms in the Netherlands. The company operates in the Benelux and also has offices in London and New York.

Until the outbreak of the coronavirus, the firm mainly organized physical events. Both for clients and for the firm’s own employees. Because it was no longer possible to meet in person during the corona crisis, alternatives had to be found. The firm had been thinking about online meetings for some time. Because employees and clients could no longer meet, this was now introduced more quickly.

The guiding principle here was that the online events for clients were also in line with NautaDutilh’s regular services. This meant that the seminar not only had to be technically flawless, but also that the look, style and form suited the firm. Interactivity and presentation were very important in this matter. Among other things, Online Seminar was able to offer them an online environment in NautaDutilh’s own corporate identity.

Order of Lawyers legislation

An alternative also had to be found for education of the company’s own employees and knowledge sharing with clients. These had to meet the training requirements set by the Order of Lawyers, such as monitoring the activity of the participants and taking a test afterwards. In this way there is proof that they actually participated. Because we can meet all the requirements set by the Dutch Order of Lawyers, the meetings organized by NautaDutilh are a fully-fledged online alternative for knowledge sharing and traing.

Full service

In addition to the requirements for accreditation, the service was very important. Account Mmanager Rico Hoeboer explains this full service approach: “During the corona period, NautaDutilh employees were at our studio two times a month for recordings, both in Amsterdam and Brussels. New speakers received training in advance, so that they would be well prepared. For NautaDutilh, the service and platform of Online Seminar is very pleasant. Of course, everyone misses physical events, but online webinars are a welcome addition”.

The facts

  • Full service
  • Online events in own visual design
  • E-learning for knowledge sharing with employees

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