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Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson’s target group is spread all over the world and has high demands on the quality of the content. The international biomedical company chooses webinars from Online Seminar to reach them. With success.

Johnson & Johnson develops medicines against a wide variety of illnesses, including in oncology, immunology and neuroscience. With 35,000 employees, the company is a major international player in the pharmaceutical sector. Like the company, the target group of doctors and health scientists is spread all over the world.

In order to reach them, webinars offer a profound solution. Webinars are interactive, can be viewed anywhere and on any device and remain accessible. Online Seminar has been Johnson & Johnson’s exclusive partner since 2016. In total, Johnson & Johnson organises about 50 webinars a year.

A number of webinars take place on location during conferences. There, Johnson & Johnson offers a platform to share the most important scientific updates. Renowned doctors and other speakers share their vision and analysis. With the webinar functionalities such as polls and the chat, viewers can give their opinion. In addition, Johnson & Johnson organises webinars on other developments, such as the introduction of new medicines.

"The OS Healthcare team are just amazing! They do a great job with our online medical education and they are always trying to improve and find innovative solutions to address our needs!"

Cristina Entrala, Medical Education Manager

What are the results of the webinars?

Important reasons for choosing Online Seminar are its quality and flexibility. Johnson & Johnson has therefore opted for our full service approach. This means that we look after every aspect of the webinar. During the conferences and symposia we build a mobile, professional studio on location. Our technical team ensures a flawless recording. Johnson & Johnson also appreciates our strong data analysis. It helps them to create in-depth customer insights that enriches them with other webinars and communication expressions.

The webinars are highly appreciated by the participants. The NPS score, with which participants express their appreciation, is over 75%. The participants rate the webinars with an average score of 8.8. This is a very high score and indicates how valuable the webinars are for the target group. With the webinars, Johnson & Johnson increases its visibility in the market.

The facts

  • Full service approach
  • Approximately 50 webinars per year
  • NPS score of over 75%
  • Average webinar rating of 8.8

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