The webinar as an interactive marketing tool


As a bank, how do you really engage with your customers? This is a question that many financial institutions are struggling with, precisely because trust and transparency are of great importance in order to retain customers. ING opted for webinars. With success.

Since 2010, ING is our exclusive partner to provide webinars. ING broadcasts about 15 webinars a year, from different departments. The webinars cover topics such as investing, saving and mortgages. Half of the webinars are aimed at consumers, the other half is specifically created for intermediaries. Through webinars, they are informed about new products or changes.

In the past, ING used to organise a lot of events, but this is ultimately a fairly inefficient way to get into conversation with customers. There are the location costs, the on-site staff and any additional merchandising. An additional disadvantage is that you never get to talk to all customers at an event; the number is limited.

Professional service

ING has opted for our full service package, where they record in our state-of-the-art studio in Amsterdam. They employ experts and discussion leaders who are very good at presenting. Our technical team ensures that all the technical details are perfectly taken care of. This gives the webinar the professional look that ING is after.

Customer insights

Our in-depth data analysis is a great extra advantage for ING. During the webinar, they use all webinar tools, such as polls and call to action buttons, to gain valuable customer insights. It also allows the bank to offer a personalised product range. After all, the customer insights give them a much better idea of the situation in which potential customers find themselves. This enables them to respond effectively.

A large proportion of the people who register actually watch the webinar. This makes the webinar a powerful tool to profile ING as a reliable financial partner. It increases the bank’s brand awareness and is therefore a valuable addition to the marketing mix.

The facts

  • Full service model
  • Recording in Online Seminar studio, guided by our technical team
  • 15 webinars per year
  • Partner since 2010

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We are proud of our clients who we have often been working with for a long time. When we ask them why they enjoy working with us, they say three things: your service is outstanding, the platform is state-of-the-art and the data is very rich.
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