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What are the specs of the latest car model? How does the new autumn or summer campaign work? These are questions that apply to all car dealers. The dealers can be found all over the country. Audi therefore decided to use webinars to inform them about recent developments. Interactive and fast.

For the management team (MT) of Audi Netherlands, efficiency is an important reason to to use webinars. Their car dealers are scattered throughout the country and are very busy during the day. Therefore it is difficult to bring them all together. Not only that, the information the MT wants to share is too complex to just put into a simple newsletter.

Previously, the MT went to all locations all over the country when, for example, a new Audi model was launched. That meant a considerable time investment. Audi has around 25 branches, from Friesland to Limburg. The launch of a new car model therefore meant touring on the road for weeks on end.

Partner since 2012

Webinars are a solution these challenges. In the broadcasts, dealers can take in information about the latest developments and new actions or models so that they can pass on the information to their customers.

Interactive webinars

Webinars also offer dealers the opportunity to view the webinars when it suits them. It is important that dealers can ask questions in the webinars when something is unclear. An important advantage of our platform is that viewers can also choose the on demand version and are still able to interact.

The webinars are recorded in a studio in Hilversum. The car brand chooses to be fully serviced: we help them with powerpoint presentations, the broadcast and the 'aftercare': after the webinar, the dealers receive extra information, including an evaluation and the possibility to ask additional questions.

The facts

  • Partner since 2012
  • Webinars recorded in studio
  • Full service package: studio, powerpoint presentations and aftercare
  • Much higher efficiency

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