How webinars help lawyers with accreditation points

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Lawyers receive accreditation points for attending seminars on legislation and regulations. But what if they are unable to be physically present? For a widely acclaimed law firm, webinars offer a solution.

The law firm organises physical events in which new developments in legislation and regulations are discussed. Lawyers receive accreditation points when they are present at the event. Clients are also attending the seminar. The lawyers are regularly unable to attend, because their work demands their attention. The law firm’s question was: how can lawyers who are not present receive the necessary training?

Webinars turned out to be the answer. The law firm still holds the physical meetings, but these are now also streamed live. Participants can watch the webinar on demand whenever it suits them. The participants can physically register at the event or online. After the meeting, they receive a test. Once they have completed the test and attended the meeting, either physically or online, they receive the accreditation points.

Partner since 2017

The main advantage of the Online Seminar platform is that interaction is also possible in the on demand version. No other platform offers this option. For the law firm, this means that participants can also fill in polls and take tests after the live broadcast. The platform also sees whether someone is watching the entire broadcast or not. This can be taken into account to determine whether someone gets the points. Does someone meet the requirements? Then they will receive an automatic message and the certificate. The time-consuming, error-prone processing of attendance lists is a thing of the past.

Going international

The online seminars proved to be the solution for busy lawyers: the attendance rate of the monthly meeting has doubled. To make the viewing experience as pleasant as possible, we helped the law firm set up a studio and get the presentations perfect for webinars. The webinars are so successful that the law firm intends to roll them out at their offices in other countries.

The facts

  • Attendance rate monthly meeting doubled
  • Own studio
  • Full-service
  • Expanding abroad
  • Partner since 2017

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