Live from a studio in New York, near the Marriot Marquis hotel, OnlineSeminar arranged four broadcasts of expert round table sessions for Janssen Oncology. The broadcasts were watched by Healthcare Professionals from all over the world through the OnlineSeminar webinar platform.

The innovative ING bank has used the HTML5 technique of OnlineSeminar to broadcast an interactive webinar this week. What are the benefits of this technique? Read the three benefits that this technology has for consumers and ING.

Webinar Tips of Online Seminar. What is needed to make the best of your webinar? Tip 2: setting your success goal for a webinar. For a successful webinar, it is important to determine in advance what your goal is and to determine what result makes the webinar "a success".

Cybercrime is a hot topic which is gaining more and more attention because not only consumers but also governments and businesses have to better protect themselves against cyber-attacks. Use a webinar as a communication tool to update your clients about Cybercrime and what does OnlineSeminar to protect webinars against cyber-attacks.

Sharing the screen of your own laptop, tablet or mobile phone in a webinar is possible using the desktop sharing functionality of OnlineSeminar webinars.

With our knowledge and experience we can help you make your webinars even better. In our studios webinars are organized daily. Webinars from various industries, each having their own customers. What is needed to make the best of your webinar? What are the success factors and what pitfalls should you really try to avoid? You can learn it here, from our team of webinar experts.

ROI-what? Return on investment (ROI) is a common term to denote whether it makes sense to spend your marketing budget to certain tools or channels, or not. Including webinars for example. A certain investment is required when organizing a webinar. An investment in time and in money. And how do you determine that it is worth it?

The pharmaceutical industry is in full force trying to keep up with the rapid pace of technological developments. Mobile communication, the cloud, big data, and 'The Internet of Things'. The digital revolution is irreversible, in healthcare too. Media, retail and financial industries have been transformed previously by technical innovation. It is up to the pharmaceutical indust ...

Online learning organization Squla proves the effectiveness and efficiency of webinars to reach a specific target group. In a series of four webinars parents of primary school children are informed about important developments in the educational system of the particular year of their child, in an online PTA meeting. On a fixed day and time, every week a new target group is addr ...

Online Seminar wishes you a successful and innovative New Year! In 2017 you can continue to rely on the service and expertise of our team and the quality and reliability of our webinar software. The Online Seminar webinar platform provides unprecedented opportunities for interaction and data collection during live and on demand webinars. Anytime, anywhere and on any device. I ...