On-site events and webinars (online events). There are certainly differences, alongside many similarities. And why not combine the best of two worlds?! Registering your on-site event, in combination with an interactive live webinar, participants will be able to join your event from another location. And you will reach a larger target audience.

It's coming close to September. The holiday season is over and it's time to share new ideas, plans or products widely using a webinar. The possibilities of a webinar are endless and therefore OnlineSeminar has several webinar studios to meet your requirements.

One of the great advantages of an online presentation is that you can collect valuable and first-rate information about participants during your presentation. When using the Single Sign-On method, your customer only has to log in once to your portal and can then participate in your webinars without having to log in again.

Your webinar can continually spread your message and gather data about your audience when you use the follow-up emails that can be sent from the OnlineSeminar platform. Learn how you can take advantage of these additional points of contact.

A webinar is always recorded in a live setting and is as live as breaking news on CNN. For the on demand version, you may want to edit something. And that is possible, with the new webinar editor of OnlineSeminar, currently under development!

Webinar tips from OnlineSeminar. How to get maximum results with your webinar? Tip 4: Which presentation tools you can use best. You know that an online seminar is the right way to reach your target audience, but how can you convey a clear message?

People do not like changes. But without change, growth is stagnant, and this can be harmful to business. How can you communicate clearly with your employees about the upcoming changes? And if you do, what positive effects are to be expected? Organize a webinar and communicate professionally with your target audience.

At events, you will increasingly see the presence of cameras. Images taken during the events are usually distributed after the event has ended. Much more interesting is when companies choose a live and interactive broadcast. Organize a webinar on-site and reach a larger audience and collect valuable data about participants!

Do you provide webinars with an informative subject or premium character that is interesting for a large audience or for a longer period? Then offering the webinar against payment is worth considering!

OnlineSeminar provided a London-based webinar broadcast from Boston Scientific about the (im)possibility to remotely manage heart failure issues of patients with one of the presenters on an external location.