Webinar tips from OnlineSeminar. How to get maximum results with your webinar? Tip 6: the importance of data collection. You know an online seminar is the right way to reach your target audience, but gathering information about participants in your webinar is just as important as getting your message across.

You want to communicate with your target audience using a webinar. But what is the most appropriate way of inviting participants? And how do you make sure that invitees really follow your online presentation?

Dutch State Secretary Dijksma of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (Traffic) announced a test in which she advises officials to avoid rush hour to spread out traffic more evenly in the morning. As a result, planning meetings becomes a challenge because employees are less often present at the same time. A major advantage of webinars is that participants can view a presentation from any location.

From our knowledge and experience, we can help you with your online communication and connect you directly and measurably to your target audience in any language. After all, a message becomes clearer when someone is addressed in his own language.

A webinar or online seminar is an extremely efficient means of sharing knowledge. Using a webinar, e.g. HR managers are informed of the latest changes in HR laws and regulations. A current topic as seen in Dutch program “Nieuwsuur”, Monday, September 18th.

For Teva Pharmaceuticals, OnlineSeminar facilitated two live webinars, live from the annual ERS International Congress in Milan. An OnlineSeminar webinar is the ideal medium for live, interactive communication with employees.

Webinar tips from OnlineSeminar. How to get maximum results with your webinar? Tip 5: the added value of the on-demand version of a webinar. You know that an online seminar is the right tool to reach your target audience, but do you know that you can permanently collect data using the on demand version of your presentation?

On-site events and webinars (online events). There are certainly differences, alongside many similarities. And why not combine the best of two worlds?! Registering your on-site event, in combination with an interactive live webinar, participants will be able to join your event from another location. And you will reach a larger target audience.

It's coming close to September. The holiday season is over and it's time to share new ideas, plans or products widely using a webinar. The possibilities of a webinar are endless and therefore OnlineSeminar has several webinar studios to meet your requirements.

One of the great advantages of an online presentation is that you can collect valuable and first-rate information about participants during your presentation. When using the Single Sign-On method, your customer only has to log in once to your portal and can then participate in your webinars without having to log in again.