New: set the number of resits in a test

Within the OnlineSeminar platform, it is possible to have the participants take a test after your presentation. This makes the platform very suitable for training and retraining purposes.

You can set different criteria that must be met in order to be eligible for accreditation in order to receive a certificate of participation or PE points.

It is now possible to set the number of resits in a test!

Set number of resits per webinar
You can now set how often a participant can resit the test per webinar. If you set, or have our Support team set up, that a participant is allowed to resit twice, he or she can make the test a total of 3 times. If the exam has not yet been passed, you can oblige a participant to view the seminar again. Then he or she can again use the number of resits that have been set.

The number of resits can be adjusted at any time. Both before the online training and afterwards when the on-demand version of your e-learning webinar is online. When the participant has used all resits and re-examines the seminar, his test data is reset. All other participant activities that have taken place are retained.

If you want to know more about tests after a webinar, read the article:
"Online webinar as a test tool"!

The OnlineSeminar testing and accreditation module can be used in various ways:

  • e-learning total platform
  • online course package with testing and accreditation
  • online PE accreditation
  • webinar integration with offline learning

If you have questions about this new feature or about using a test after a webinar, please contact us for more information.


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