Webinar technology

Articles that describe the underlying technology that is or can be used in a webinar.

The OnlineSeminar platform is very suitable for training and retraining purposes. It is highly appreciated by participants when they have the opportunity to be able to resit several times. It is now possible to set the number of resits in a test!

Your corporate identity is important to you. We understand that better than anyone. While you use the OnlineSeminar webinar platform, we ensure you that your webinar is fully embedded in your company branding. In this way, your message will be delivered in the best possible and most personal way to your target audience.

One of the great advantages of an online presentation is that you can collect valuable and first-rate information about participants during your presentation. When using the Single Sign-On method, your customer only has to log in once to your portal and can then participate in your webinars without having to log in again.

A webinar is always recorded in a live setting and is as live as breaking news on CNN. For the on demand version, you may want to edit something. And that is possible, with the new webinar editor of OnlineSeminar, currently under development!

Do you provide webinars with an informative subject or premium character that is interesting for a large audience or for a longer period? Then offering the webinar against payment is worth considering!

The innovative ING bank has used the HTML5 technique of OnlineSeminar to broadcast an interactive webinar this week. What are the benefits of this technique? Read the three benefits that this technology has for consumers and ING.

Cybercrime is a hot topic which is gaining more and more attention because not only consumers but also governments and businesses have to better protect themselves against cyber-attacks. Use a webinar as a communication tool to update your clients about Cybercrime and what does OnlineSeminar to protect webinars against cyber-attacks.