Agri Webinars with OnlineSeminar




With unprecedented interactive features and data collection options, OnlineSeminar has grown to Europe’s most user-friendly webinar platform. The interactive features of the platform allow participants to ask live questions, answer poll questions and complete a survey. Due to interactive video, we deliver your story in the best possible way, completely measurable and supported by our team of expert consultants. Webinars are an ideal medium to reach a widely dispersed audience, to share knowledge and insights and generate valuable leads. Anytime, anywhere, any device.

In short, webinars are a great way for Rabobank USA to strengthen their position as expert and knowledge partner for the agricultural sector in the USA, continuously building on their Dutch origin; by farmers, for famers.

The American agricultural landscape

  • Billion dollar industry
  • Covers 38% of the continental land
  • Over 2 million agricultural enterprises 
  • Challenging target group:

- A country which spans four time zones
- Not your average nine to five employees
- Geographical spread of the entrepreneurs

External communication webinar

One of the most significant webinar applications is external communication. Informing the target audience, B2B as well as B2C, is an important motive to initiate webinars. Securely share information, wherever in the world your clients are located. For example share the best business decisions or launch a new product. You are given the chance to directly get in touch with your target audience in a personal manner.

Lead generation webinar

In the extremely competitive market of financial organizations, OnlineSeminar is leading supplier of webinar software. No other webinar platform has this many possibilities with regard to conversion. Transparent, accurate, and directly applicable data is essential with lead generation webinars.

With every webinar you collect valuable information about your target audience. There are multiple touch points in which you can query your target audience. Prior to the webinar (registration), during (poll questions and chat), and afterwards (survey and/or test). You are completely autonomous in defining the questions. In addition to the information you gather with your questions, the OnlineSeminar platform registers information on the behaviour of your participants. For example, how much time did they spent online? For which webinars did they enroll, and in which webinars did they actually participate? The platform stores all data on participant level. This data gives you insights on various levels. Personal data, user participation, lead qualification, and knowledge level.